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About Us

Anglican Liturgy Press is a division of Anglican House Media Ministry, Inc., a Ministry Partner of the Anglican Church in North America. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation organized in 2012 to serve our church as a strong media arm. See more about us in Who We Are.

The Anglican Church in North America

Anglicans are the world’s largest Protestant group. The Anglican Church in North America, founded in 2009, has grown to 135,000 members in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and is in full communion with Anglican churches globally representing more than 70 million believers. Our own Archbishop Foley Beach has been elected Chairman of this Global Anglican Movement.

About Anglicanism

Many people yearn for a sense of connection with the Early Church, a bridge that Anglicanism richly provides. It is why Billy Graham saw “spiritual beauty in Anglican order,” and said that if he were “starting all over again, I would be an evangelical Anglican.” We like to say that Anglicanism is where you would arrive should travel all the way back to the Early Church, and if you yourself were to believe what the Church always believed, at all times, and in all places down through the millennia.

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