---Our Story 

Our Publishing Focus
We work mainly in four areas of subject matter:
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Teaching Materials
  • Anglicanism
  • Liturgy
Liturgical materials are published for the Church, examples being Texts For Common Prayer and the follow-on material leading up to an ACNA Book of Common Prayer. Other titles may include one or more areas of focus; for example


Surprising Merrily

Is a teaching material on Anglicanism and Spiritual Formation. Though Anglicanism and Liturgy will be of interest mainly to Anglicans our teaching materials and Spiritual Formation titles are intended for the greater Body of Christ as well. We are at work on two such titles at present, one on the Nicene Creed and another on midlife clergy burnout.


To Be A Christian, An Anglican Catechism

Is a special case in point, covering all four of our areas of subject matter focus. Prepared by the Catechesis Task Force of the Anglican Church in North America it is now in its fifth printing and will soon be available as an eBook. It breaks new ground compared with the historic catechism in the English Book of Common Prayer, which is brief and intended to prepare young people for confirmation and church membership.


To Be A Christian

Is more comprehensive and designed specifically for adult and near adult inquirers and for all Christians seeking deeper grounding in the full reality of Christian faith and life. (Sadly, Catechesis [formal instruction of Christian disciples] has all but disappeared in today’s churches.) Of 345 Questions and Answers less than 10% are specific to Anglicanism. “What Should a Christian know?” is the main focus, as stated in the Dedication by the Catechesis Task Force:
We offer this catechism to the Church with the prayer that it may serve to build up the Body of Christ by helping many to full Christian faith and faithfulness in today’s increasingly post-Christian world.”
Knowing that unpublished authors usually resort to self-publishing and even previously published authors can struggle finding a publisher we try to be an open door to Anglicans. Our Board of Editorial Review considers and selects the projects we undertake. Unanimity is required for publication.
Not all Book Proposals and manuscripts are accepted but they all receive thoughtful evaluation and a reasonably prompt response. Copyrights belong to the author unless donated to Anglican House.