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We are a Division of Anglican House Media Ministry, Inc. Many but not all Anglican House publications are available here at Anglican Liturgy Press. Other Anglican House products not displayed on our Anglican Liturgy Press homepage slider may be found at anglicanhousemedia.org and are available at amazon.com/books

Anglican House works mainly in four areas of subject matter

  • Liturgical Materials
  • Anglicanism
  • Teaching Materials
  • Spiritual Formation

Liturgical Materials are published for the Church, examples being The Book of Common Prayer 2019, the Anglican Liturgy Press Edition of The English Standard Version of the Bible (ESV) with Apocrypha, and the Holy Matrimony Presentation Booklet including the Wed Talks audio book.

Anglicanism includes books like Reformation Anglicanism, Anglican Conciliarism/The Church Meeting to Decide Together, and the Kindle book The 39 Articles of Religion with Commentary and Introduction to Systematic Theology.

Teaching Materials include The Nicene Creed Illustrated and Instructed for Kids (English and Spanish editions), Celebrate Anglicanism, The Power of Christian Meditation, and Surprising Merrily (the movie).

Spiritual Formation is a broader category including books on life crises, such as Through the Cancer Storm with Jesus Christ, prayer (In His Time), and clergy burnout (ESV Syndrome/Healing Burnout in Adults lacking Parental Affirmation).

Some Anglican House works fit into more than one category. To Be Silent – The Too Busy Church includes elements of teaching, spiritual formation, and liturgy. Surprising Merrily spans the topics of Anglicanism, teaching and spiritual formation.

Though Anglicanism and Liturgy are interest mainly to Anglicans, the Spiritual Formation titles and some of the Teaching Materials are intended for the greater Body of Christ as well.

Review of New Proposals: Knowing that unpublished authors usually resort to self-publishing and even previously published authors can struggle finding a publisher, Anglican House tries to be an open door to aspiring Anglican authors. Not all Book Proposals and manuscripts are accepted but they all receive thoughtful evaluation and a reasonably prompt response. Copyrights always belong to the author unless donated to Anglican House Media Ministry Inc. Visit anglicanhousemedia.org for details.

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