Reformation Anglicanism


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Reformation Anglicanism makes the faith as reachable and understandable as it really is. He shows the winsome beauty of God’s character that is deeply embedded in Anglican worship and prayers, and that what sets the world’s largest protestant group apart is that it is generously orthodox, completely biblical, and liturgically beautiful. Anglicanism believes the Bible is God’s revelation without saying it speaks to every earthly thing, that grace is given in Communion without insisting God is bodily present in bread and wine, that our nature is affected by sin without saying we are worthless, and explains the reality of heaven and hell by saying what the Bible says: that God destines Christians to life. The 16th Century English reformers didn’t start anything new; they returned the Christianity the Medieval Church had departed, making Anglicanism a container for Christian truth to pass along from generation to generation.

Collins’ writing is ever lucid and a joy, due in no small part to his being a 1st place winner of poetry prizes. Readers will find this lighthearted, scholarly explanation of Anglicanism as practiced in the tradition of the 16th Century Reformers to be as delightful a read as is it informative on the subject.

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