Surprising Merrily – The Movie


Author: Ron Speers (2013)
Imprint: Anglican House
Format: Hollywood Motion Picture
Running time: 50 minutes
Movie trailer: 4 minutes
Availability: Anglican Liturgy

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“Shot on a Hollywood sound stage by professionals, this isn’t a run of the mill “Christian film.” Its premise is that entertainment can be a means to impart important knowledge to an audience.
Sound, stimulating, satisfying. A first-rate introduction to real Anglicanism!” – J.I. Packer

“A brilliant job! An invaluable educational effect!” – Michael Green

“All ‘streams’ of Anglicanism will find this to be a film that will endure, as will the Faith that it represents!” – Keith Ackerman, SSC

“An imaginative engagement between contemporary culture and the Anglican Tradition! I enjoyed it!” – Michael Nazir-Ali

Viewed by the ACNA College of Bishops and in seminaries, this delightful little movie about a crisis in the career of a mythical television host answers the question “What is Anglicanism?”

The night before a make-or-break performance that must save a long-running morning TV series from abrupt cancelation by the network’s tyrannical owner the host, Ms. Merrily Inclement, dreams of dominating the guest appearance of “some religious guys,” as her producer described them. Merrily’s dream quickly unfolds as a prickly interview of historical Anglicans Thomas Cranmer, Richard Hooker and C.S. Lewis.

Truly indelible, Surprising Merrily will help anyone explain “Why I’m and Anglican” – and the historicity and ecumenism will interest any Christian or seeker.

Although Anglicans comprise the largest Protestant group globally, hardly any lay people can explain Anglicanism to their friends, simply and effectively. How to get the laity up-to-speed about Anglicanism, in reasonably short order?

What if there were to be a movie about it, an entertaining movie that wasn’t “churchy” at all. Add some Gershwin music for good measure. Let loose a prickly media lady to confront historic Anglicans Thomas Crnmer, Richard Hooker and C.S. Lewis about the one holy, catholic, and apostolic faith.

Though Merrily Inclement and her Surprising Merrily television show are fictional, the four characters meet in the literary form that Lewis called the supposal where, as they explore Anglicanism, we are reminded that a personal encounter with the faith once for all delivered to the saints has its own way of producing surprises.

The actors are professionals. Caryn Richman (Merrily Inclement) has appeared in a long list of Hollywood feature films, and numerous TV shows. Ted Barton (Thomas Cranmer) is noted for dozens of appearances in repertory theater groups, both modern theater and Shakespeare. Peter Husmann (C.S. Lewis) played the starring role of John Adams in the road show of the Broadway musical 1776. Norman Snow (Richard Hooker) has appeared in dozens of TV show and TV movies.

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