To Be Silent — The Too-Busy Church


Author: Craig Stephans
Imprint: Church Media
Format: Trade paperback

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Here is the first ever book about the place of silence in today’s church services. Little real attention is given to silence during corporate worship in most churches, though the Bible is replete with admonitions to be quiet or still or silent before the Lord. Many Christians practice quieting themselves before the Lord in their private devotions but silence seems to have gone missing from corporate worship. It is important to keep things moving along in a church service, so silence can be a tough call for pastors who are trying to lead their congregation into a place of hearing from the Lord. The temptation, freely acknowledged by the author, is to err on the side of maintaining good tempo. To Be Silent, gently written by a senior pastor, is intended to help church congregations listen for God’s “still small voice” (1Kings19:12) without interrupting but enhancing services in a most godly way. Included are “how to do it” suggestions from dozens of other pastors and worship leaders.